US City Completely Bans All Cell Phone Use While Driving (Yes, That Includes Bluetooth)

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Though banning cell phone usage while driving isn't new, Chapel Hill, North Carolina is taking it a step further than everyone else: the city is banning people from even using Bluetooth or any hands-free device while driving too. Basically, the city doesn't want you talking on the phone at all, while driving.

Cities who've previously banned cell phone use in cars have allowed drivers to use Bluetooth headsets or speakerphones to continue talking. As long as a driver's hands were "hands free" from the phone, talking on the phone while driving wasn't illegal. Apparently, that wasn't enough for Chapel Hill. After two years of discussing the law, the city finally made it official—absolutely no talking on the phone, hands free or not, while driving—and it will go into effect on June 1st.


However, there seems to be a little loophole in the law. Drivers can still make calls to their spouse, parent or child and of course, make emergency calls too. That leaves some room to operate under, at least. The fine for breaking the law isn't severe, only 25 bucks, but it's a solid step in minimizing the distractions while driving. [News Observer via The Next Web]

Image Credit Darren Baker/Shutterstock