USB Keyholder Holds Keys, Breaks USB Drives

Illustration for article titled USB Keyholder Holds Keys, Breaks USB Drives

Perhaps someday we'll all have USB thumbdrives on our keychains so we can take advantage of this USB keyholder prototype. Until then, we'll have to settle for keyholders with a slot for inserting keys instead of USB drives.


We'll never stop dreaming of the day where we can sacrifice our USB flash drive's structural integrity with our janitorial-level keychain for a little convenience.

GerrysArt [via Design Spotter via Coolest Gadgets]


But what you don't understand is my keys are a carbon fiber/aluminium strand wafer, and the key holder logs entry/exit times for usage stats... Nope, even that doesn't make it possibly useful. If I'm carrying a USB drive back and forth, I kind of want it near my PC, as opposed to hanging by the door. Why not just make a USB drive doorstop?