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USB NailGunner Shoots Actual Nails

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought the Room Defender, with its tripod-mounted, foam disc shooting, plastic kids-toy body was a bit weak, check out the USB NailGunner. Yes, it does the same thing as the Room Defender, shooting people who come within a certain range of your PC or laptop. But instead of shooting nerf-like discs, it shoots HOUSEHOLD NAILS.


Also, you have a 1GB memory card inside that stores MP3 files to play back when it's firing, and a 1 megapixel camera to take pictures of the target.

Tests have shown that it hits the target 85% of the time, and the screensaver displays a legal warning that they are not responsible. It sells for 11,499 Yen ($99) in Japan, including legal insurance.


Update: Bah, it's a fake. Shame on me.

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