USB Vision and Posture Reminder

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We've seen some stupid USB devices before, but this one sets a new level of uselessness. Hire your own personal nag-bot with Homi, a USB vision and posture reminder from USB Geek that will nag you just like your grandmother used to do. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to determine how far away you are from the monitor, reminding you with various flashing lights and chimes when you get closer than 13.7 inches to the screen. Any closer than that, and of course, you may permanently destroy your vision, eventually break your neck and ruin your life.

This is just what you need when you're pressing your nose up against the screen to get a really good close-up look at that porn—flashing green and red lights and chimes to let you know you're getting too close, buster. Why not just get a device that slaps you up-side-the-head? A complete waste of $27.


Product Page [USB Geek]