Riding you bike while listening to tunes is a great feeling. The sun on your face, music filling your ear holes. The Fruit Shop iPhone Horn Bike mount helps fill those holes without covering your ears and ignoring potentially dangerous sounds on the road.

The silicone Horn Bike case has, you guessed it, a horn at the bottom that amplifies your iPhone's audio output. According to the Fruit Shop, the Horn Bike will increase the iPhone's volume output by 13db. Strap the case to almost any bike with the simple velcro strap on the back, and you can finally pump up the jams while peddling. Yup, all those other cyclists are gonna love you when you're cruising down the road blaring Justin Bieber's Baby. Also, you can make use of all those bicycle apps you downloaded.


The case will set you back $30 and will probably make you stare at your iPhone while riding. Which is also dangerous. [Fruit Shop via Wired]

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