Use Marshmallow Peeps to Control Your Nintendo Wii

No sensor, no candles, no lights: Apparently, you just need to put two Marshmallow Peeps on top of your TV and you will be able to control your Wii, like this video shows.


What sorcery is this? Is this real? According to reader Nathan Alexander, from Commercials I hate, it is. It does look like it may be real indeed.

This opens a lot of questions. You know, like, did Miyamoto actually thought about using Marshmallow Peeps in the first place? Does he eat them? And why Nintendo doesn't include Marshmallow Peeps in every Wii box instead of some dumb IR bar? And anyway, what in the name of all that is sweet and pink do they use to make Marshmallow Peeps? How can the Wiimote see it? Is it some kind of IR light-emitting chemical marker? Is it radioactive? Will it kill me if I eat one? One thousand? Can I make them explode? Can I roast chicken with them?

OK, don't tell me. I'm just going to try all of that. [Thanks Nathan]



Did you guys at least get approval from Pope John Peeps first?