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Using Plasma To Clean Glass Is Amazing, Plus Hilariously Roundabout

So there's Windex, but if that's feeling too cleaning product-y for you, be aware that you can also clean glass with pure oxygen plasma. Sure.


Available at your neighborhood Rite Aide, or okay yeah maybe not, Ben Krasnow uses a vacuum chamber, a mechanical pump, and a radio frequency transmitter in his setup. The RF power ignites air plasma and can turn pure oxygen or other gases into the ultimate magnetic-wave-microscope-slide-cleaner. We all have microscope slides that need polishing, right? Right.

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I love that word. For me, it still has a massive SF feel to it whereas 'nuclear' seems so stone age and 'fusion' feels merely tomorrow.

Or maybe i've just been playing too many games where plasma tech is at the end of the research trees... :p