Using Science For Optimal Gravy Coverage

There are those who like to drown their Thanksgiving dinner in gravy, and those who like to keep it sequestered to their mashed potatoes. And if you find yourself in that latter group, Vihart has put together a fantastic tutorial on how you can maximize your gravy coverage with the optimal potato arrangement.

Not surprisingly, your best bet is to keep your plate free of other tasty distractions that could minimize its capacity for gravy. A daunting suggestion, but you can always load up on turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes for your next helping. It's all for the greater good.

And speaking of turkey, Vihart certainly hasn't forgotten the most important course on Thanksgiving day. In fact, this year she's gone all out taking the turducken to the extreme by stuffing a turkey with two ducks, stuffed with four hens, stuffed with eight quail eggs. Maybe this Thanksgiving thing has gotten a little out of hand? [YouTube]


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