UStec Granted Wireless Wallport Patent

With wireless taking over the world it is only a matter of time before houses and buildings have wireless relays integrated into rooms. This is where UStec comes in. They were granted a patent on their Wallport technology, which is essentially that. Integrated wireless relays in every room for better signals and no wire-y mess. For average sized homes I don't see this being to practical because the average wireless router can cover most of the house easily. But this Wallport technology could really shine in a larger sense, in business buildings or dorms, for example.

This technology also allows the signal strength to be really limited and it would even be possible to limit the signal to wherever you specifically want it. This could prevent wardrivers from hijacking your connection and stealing your megahertz. In addition to broadband signal there is also mention of the Wallport relays being able to broadcast audio and cable television signals. Boo wires, hooray wireless!


UStec Granted Key Patent for Wireless Wallport [eHomeUpgrade]

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