Usual Suspects' Writer Takes On Wolverine's Japanese Sequel

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Even if X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn't leave you breathlessly waiting for a sequel, there's one sign that the follow-up will be better than the original: Usual Suspects and X-Men screenwriter Chris McQuarrie has signed on to write it.

McQuarrie, whose short list of writing credits doesn't include his work on X-Men (He worked on the movie with Bryan Singer, but refused official credit because he felt the final movie was closer to David Hayter's script than his own), signed on to write the second solo Wolverine movie following discussions about plot and direction with Hugh Jackman and producers, which - if rumors and Jackman's many statements on the subject are to be believed - seem to focus on the idea of "Let's turn Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's classic 1980s mini-series with all the ninja stuff into a movie."

We're hoping that that's exactly what the movie ends up being, and that it becomes a success; not only does Wolverine deserve a good movie, but we're always holding out hope that follow-up mini-series Kitty Pryde and Wolverine will end up as the third movie. We want our spunky Jewish teenagers getting brainwashed into Ninja Assassins on the big screen, dammit.


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