Vatican Claims the Nasty Internet Is Creating More Satanists

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So anyway, the Vatican says the Internet is creating more Satanists than ever because it makes information so damn accessible or something, and the whole thing inspired me to write a new headline for the Telegraph piece where I learned of this terrifying phenomenon:

"Organization responsible for spreading the word about an invisible man in the sky and something called The End of Days claims the Internet, a real thing that exists presumably because of that man in the sky, is responsible for making more people believe in an evil, invisible man in a fiery realm below the ground.

I really have no clue why an organized religion would want to criticize something that makes information more freely available to the masses. No clue whatsoever.

That said, in hindsight my attempt was, admittedly, kind of long. You try! [Telegraph, Photo: Simon Norfolk]

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I think there has been a fundamental misunderstanding here.

In the article, it doesn't appear to actually be denouncing the Internet as something bad for allowing greater access to information. The Vatican was just making a flat statement that the Internet has allowed information on occult practices to be more widespread, leading to a greater need for exorcists to deal with an increase in the amount of people partaking in demon worship.

So, no one is saying the Internet is bad; no more than people may blame a library for having books on the occult. The availability of this information is just leading to more occultists, as that information may at one time have been more difficult to obtain. That isn't condemning the Internet; it's stating a fact at a conference where they are discussing the ramifications of modern life on how they practice their religion.

It's closer to people being concerned about increased sophistication of terrorism thanks to wide access to bomb-making instructions on the Internet. That is the bad that comes with the good, and these religious individuals are just making an observation on the ramifications of this easy access to what they consider possibly dangerous instructions for performing occult rituals. The Internet isn't horrible for having that information; it's just something that is relevant to their interests in attempting to battle what they see as problematic in the world today.