If Jurassic Park taught me anything, it was that velociraptors were fast, deadly and terrifying predators. But it turns out that might not be true, because a team of researchers has discovered that 'raptors were scavengers.

A team of scientists has analyzed the skeleton of a 'raptor found in the Gobi desert, Mongolia, and discovered that it had the bone of a pterosaur—a massive flying dinosaur with a 2-meter wingspan—in its belly.


But the scientists point out that a velocirapor would never have taken on a pterosaur. Firstly, unlike the way they're depicted in Jurassic Park, velociraptors were only about a foot and a half tall, so were too small to battle a pterosaur. Second, uh, they couldn't fly. Speaking to the BBC, David Hone, one of the researchers, said:

"It would be difficult and probably even dangerous for the small theropod dinosaur to target a pterosaur with a wingspan of 2 meters or more, unless the pterosaur was already ill or injured. So the pterosaur bone we've identified in the gut of the velociraptor was most likely scavenged from a carcass rather than the result of a predatory kill."

So the turkey-sized predator was a dirty scavenger—at least some of the time—a finding that's reported in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, and Palaeoecology. Another childhood theory shattered. Thanks, scientists. [Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, and Palaeoecology via BBC]