Velocity Micro First to Ship CableCard-ready HTPCs

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The wait felt like an eternity, but it appears the first CableCard-friendly PCs are ready to roll. Velocity Micro's top-of-the-line Grand Theater systems are "100 percent" and shipping this week while the Pro Cinema systems will ship a few days behind. While other companies have announced Vista MCE boxes with CableCard certification, these will be the first to actually to hit the streets. Let's hope they're worth the wait.

Velocity Micro MCE [AVS Forum]

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Now if only Cable companies in Canada didn't insist that we have all these features we never use, could we get CableCard. I don't do VoD, I don't do PPV, I just want my damn HDTV from cable already.

Damn you Shaw. Your "PVR" is a joke that has me keeping my TiVo (and analog cable, even though we actually have digital cable service elsewhere in the house).

At least do what Cox Cable does and try to use TiVo's software... your cableboxes otherwise have horrendous UIs that barely work...