Venzero miniONE Portable Media Player

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Hold onto your hats because it's time for another iPod wannabe, this time from Venzero. The diminutive (2.95 x 1.73 x 0.35 inches, 0.98 ounces) miniONE comes in both 1GB and 2GB flavors and is compatible with the upcoming MusicMarker service, which supposedly makes finding and identifying unknown songs totally awesome. The miniONE supports all the usual digital music formats, including MP3 and DRM-encumbered WMA. Hooray for choice.


The 1.3-inch OLED display has a color pallet of 265,000 colors and can also be used to display JPEGs and videos. (The player only plays back its own proprietary format, meaning that users will need to convert all those legally-obtained XviDs using the included software.)


The 1GB version will sell for $119 and its 2GB partner for $169. Look for both of them this July, probably without the butterfly.

Product Page [Venzero via I4U News]

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