Verizon Finally Enables File Transfer, Bluetooth on Motorola RAZR V3c

RAZR users stuck with Verizon will be happy to know that the greedy com-giant has finally broken down and decided to enable file transfers on its Motorola RAZR V3c cellphones. The new uncrippled functionality requires a firmware update that has to be done at a Verizon dealer, though. After that, you can hook your phone up to the computer and use Motorola Phone Tools, letting you transfer multimedia back and forth. Plus, the UI is said to run much faster. Glory be.

Better yet, the RAZR V3c can now transfer files to and from your PC with Bluetooth, because OBEX (OBject EXchange), that service that makes Bluetooth work with the RAZR V3c (which Verizon absent-mindedly forgot to turn off when it first released the V3c), will now work again. Hee-haa!


Verizon Enabling File Transfers on RAZRs [cavemonkey50, via Digg]

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