It looks like the Verizon HTC ThunderBolt couldn't hide any longer. The ThunderBolt popped up (with the Inspire 4G) in an ad in the current edition of Rolling Stone. The ThunderBolt will probably be the first phone to have LTE.

We've seen a lot of the ThunderBolt already, so it's not the biggest of surprises, but it's certainly nice to know it's right around the corner. AT&T's Inspire 4G is the more mysterious but less interesting device as we're unsure what kind of '4G' AT&T will be using (could be T-Mobile's '4G' flavor and as the Inspire 4G takes a back seat to the other phones, it probably is). We'll likely find out this week at CES.


Anyway, HTC is advertising it as you being able to get those fo gees with an Android phone on any carrier in the US. [Android Central]