Verizon Stopped Samsung Glyde Sales Because of an "Issue"?

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This is mighty curious. According to this very legit-looking image distributed to a Verizon customer service call center, Verizon either briefly stopped or planned/plans to stop sales of the Samsung Glyde because of "an issue." Whether or not they actually went through with pulling the phones is a mite unclear, though the vagueness about the problem is what's disconcerting to us. Anyone having problems with their Glyde (besides it sucking horribly) or Verizon peoples out there that might clue us in as to what is/was up here? Update: Apparently it was a Midwest-only issue, though they are selling it now.[Engadget Mobile]


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The issue is that Verizon is a pos ... I am no fanboy of ATT, Tmobile or any carrier.... But I work in the bluetooth area of cell and automotive electronics, and when asked what provider I recommend, I answer ANYONE except Verizon (and suck a** Sprint, who will be out of business we can all hope soon). The problem is CDMA! Damn near the whole world runs on GSM. Verizon IS NOT superior in any way. I have to carry a Verizon phone, as well as an ATT phone with me at all times for testing. I can tell you that in EVERY SINGLE part of the country that I have been to, If I loose ATT signal (almost never), I loose Verizon signal too. PLUS, ask my hundreds of pissed off clients about the blocked or klugged up bluetooth stacks that Verizon insists putting in the phones so they can keep getting into your pocket with that crappy Vcast service. Ask my clients how many features they have to forfeit because of that!

People, stop believing all the marketing hype... Verizon does not have better coverage...period. I have side by side tests every day for the last 5 years to prove it.

Oh, and when asked what cell phones do I recommend...ANYTHING but a Samsung or LG... some of the crappiest bluetooth phones ever.

Rant over.. flame on