Verizon To Censor YouTube For Cellphones

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Watching YouTube videos on your Verizon Wireless cellphone will cost $15 per month, according to the New York Times. The deal is expected to be officially announced later today and launch next month but it's important to note that you won't be paying $15 per month for the YouTube you know and love. Nope, the video service will be a part of V Cast, Verizon's multimedia hub, and won't be a replication of the content you get on the actual YouTube Web site.


The videos you'll actually be able to see are ones that have been "selected and approved by the companies...that [have] the broadest appeal and highest entertainment value." Um, isn't that the very definition of censorship? And what are the odds that some of the selected videos you'll see are ads for soap?

I would think that the massive popularity of YouTube can be attributed to videos that might not exactly meets Verizon's "editorial and taste" guidelines. Translation: don't expect too many video saying, "Verizon Sucks!"

Both Google, the new owners of YouTube, and Verizon are just thrilled to be offering us an anemic version of the popular video sharing Web site. But fear not, non-Verizon Wireless users: YouTube will only remain exclusive to Verizon for a "limited period of time."

So, who's willing to pay $15 per month for a censored, anemic version of YouTube that you can enjoy on a 1-inch screen?

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This is probably because the "youtube" that you'll be getting from Verizon is just a mirror of the content on the ACTUAL youtube.

They're probably not creating an interface between your phone and youtube prime. Just copying and converting the data so that it can be pushed to your phone with only a small and reasonable wait time.

I keep waiting for "them" to realize that if we were all that hot on tiny screen full motion video, the Sony Watchman would have been a LOT more popular.

$180 a year???? Hardly.... I'd put that toward something I'd like much more. Like the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirectTV or something like that. Especially since I can get the content for free.