Verizon Wireless Drops Subscription Plan For VCAST, Starts Pay-As-You-Go Download Pricing

Verizon Wireless announced on Monday that they've eliminated the VCAST subscription plan that used to be required for subscribers to download music to their phone. Instead of the old flat-rate plan, Verizon Wireless has switched to an iTunes-like pricing plan, where VCAST-enabled phones can download a song to their phone for $1.99 plus data fees. If customers want to download songs directly onto their PCs and transfer songs themselves, it's $0.99 per song.

This change goes along with the launch of their new LG Chocolate phone, which has a microSD expansion slot for memory. To get the maximum amount of money per subscriber, or to use industry terms, "bilk", Verizon's new plan charges twice the amount of an iTunes song for the convenience of downloading music on the go. To fill up a 1GB microSD card with songs on the go with this plan (at 4MB each) would cost you nearly $500.


Press Release [Verizon via Mobile Burn]

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