Illustration for article titled Verizons Claims Its HomeFusion LTE Service Is Faster Than DSL

Verizon is confident that its just launched HomeFusion broadband service will be faster than DSL, despite running entirely on Verizon's 4G LTE network. That sounds pretty good.

HomeFusion is mostly intended for those who can't get traditional cable or DSL service wired into their homes. But like the AP points out, it might be a not-terrible, if a bit pricey, option for a household saddled to an awful DSL connection. For $60 a month users get 10 gigabytes of data and requires the installation of a $200 antenna on the outside of one's home. Users can also add an additional 10 or 20 gigabytes for an extra $30 or $60, respectively.


HomeFusion will first launch in Dallas, Nashville and Birmingham (Al), but is expected to be in all of Verizon's 4G markets by the end of the year. [AP/WaPo]

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