Verizon's Unlimited-Killing "Share Everything" Plans Are Confusing As Hell

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Verizon just sent out a labyrinth of an explainer about its new shared data plans, which it will be using to 1. make our lives way easier by putting a bunch of devices in one plan, and 2. murder grandfathered unlimited data plans. Here's how the new stuff works:

To get started on a Share Everything Plan, customers first select the devices they want on their accounts. The next step is to choose a plan that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages and a shared data allowance that begins at 1 GB for $50. Customers adding a tablet on their Share Everything Plans can do so for an additional $10, with no long-term contract requirement. The following matrix shows pricing for an account with several different devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet and a basic phone, billed to the same individual.

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So first you get unlimited minutes and messages, then get a 1GB plan for $50 with your phone, but smartphones are $40, and add a tablet for $10, but cross reference with the table that is up to 10 devices, but one price for them all. Got it? Good.


The plans will debut June 28, and have equally clear and simple steps to take if you have a feature phone or data-only devices like USB modems or MiFis. [Verizon]

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For those of you complaining about the price... do any of you actually HAVE a cell phone plan?

Current Verizon prices for comparable INDIVIDUAL plan:

Unlimited Talk: $70

Unlimited Text: $20

2GB Data: $30

Total: $120

New prices:

Smartphone: $40

2GB Data: $60

Total: $100

That's $20 cheaper per month for individual plan. Right now you could lower it by $20 by taking only 1000 texts and 900 minutes... but still, the new plan is CHEAPER.

Here's current FAMILY plan pricing with LIMITED minutes:

1400 Minutes: $90

Unlimited Text: $30

2GB Data (x2): $60

Total: $180

New prices for UNLIMITED talk/text and same data:

Smartphone (x2): $80

4GB Data: $70

Total: $150

That's $30 cheaper per month for a BETTER plan. It gets better with more devices. If you actually compare the unlimited talk it's $60 CHEAPER per MONTH.

The plans are CHEAPER. They are not confusing.

How are there this many idiots that read/follow/write here?