So here at Gizmodo, we're not exactly opposed to washing regularly. It's just that it's such a pain in the ass to have to keep moving the soap back and forth just to get a decent lather going. But now we'll be much cleaner, thanks to Vibrating Soap.

The idea is that when you pick up the soap, it goes into vibration mode automatically. Then, while it is in your filthy little hands, it creates a nice soapy lather all by itself. Apparently the vibration mechanism is placed deep within the bar of soap (Where else would you put it?).


While this is great for us dirty blogging types, we cannot recomend this for our readers behind bars. Your soap is already slippery enough, and in your dangerous bathrooms it could lead to a terrible situation. See the soap in action after the jump.

Vibrating Soap-Soap That Vibrates [Crazy About Gadgets]

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