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Video-Enabled Airport Express Coming Sept. 12?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rumor has it that the Apple September 12 Media Event is going to give us a whole bunch of video and video related products. One of these is the Video-Enabled Airport Express. Basically an upgrade of the current AE, which streams iTunes music over 802.11b. An upgraded version that supports video will no doubt be 802.11b/g to support the added bandwidth usage.

The rumor also says Apple's making this Airport Express act as a wireless router and print hub (it kind of is already) as well as a video streaming device. Will these features help Apple break into the living room market? Will this even be an actual product? We'll find out next week.


Update: The current Airport Express is already 802.11g, apparently. I must have missed that when browsing through the site. Chalk it up to too much glue sniffing.

Apple to roll-out iTunes movies and 'one more thing' [Apple Insider via MacRumors]