Video: First Hands On Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1

Playing with Xperia, Sony's Windows Mobile phone with a hiptop QWERTY, revealed a few interesting things:


• The brushed steel finish wasn't shabby.

• Keyboard play was nice, even if clicks weren't as satisfying as those on a gummy Hiptop QWERTY.

• The demo only went as far as the 3D skin; anything beyond that plunged you into the depths of typical Windows Mobile-ness.

• The API for the 3D tile UI will be opened later on.

• Those icons are like the mini windows you'd see when switching windows in Vista or OS X's Expose. But on this tiny high res screen, they're impossible to read.

• The screen is not exactly brilliant, but I believe the Sony Ericsson booth could have all its phones brightness turned down to extend battery life on the busy show floor.

• It's cool, but because of the underlying OS, I wouldn't call it a killer of anything, let alone an iPhone.


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