Video: How to Use Amazon Kindle

As you follow along our live blog of the Kindle launch event, check out this video demo of Amazon's electronic reading device that's officially rolling out this morning. Here's the full-fledged look at the new reader, straight from the Amazonians. We're digging its mini-size, looking smaller than the advance pics we saw last week. Hey, it's about the size of a paperback book. [Amazon]



I must admit, seeing this video really made me want this thing... And in answer to some of you guys up there, WTFV, the dude said there is no monthly fee for the EVDO service.

The only thing I didn't like about what I saw was the "small fee" required for converting my files to get it on the machine. That's just idiotic.

But then again, this thing has an SD slot (which answers another one of the WTFV questions above), so perhaps a hack to get your own files won't be too far behind.

Besides that, some of the features look great, like integrate dictionary and Wikipedia connectivity. I might not buy this yet, but I'm definitely putting it on my wishlist on Amazon ;)