Video of the First Military Shuttle Landing

Watch as X-37B—the unmanned military space shuttle operated by the U.S. Air Force—zooms through a runway at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in fantastic FLIR thermal-o-vision. Then, watch USAF people take care of it in special suits.


After almost 225 days in space in a secret mission, X-37B got back in a fully automated re-entry, approximation and landing, something only achieved before by Buran, the Soviet version of the US space shuttle.

We now know exactly the same things we knew before. People speculate that it could be a test bed for hardware before it gets incorporated in future spy satellites. Others that it could serve to pew pew enemy satellites off their orbits. The Air Force says it's just "a laboratory."

I want to believe that they used it to take the aliens at Area 51 for a space walk. [SpaceFlightNow]


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