Video of the HTC EVO 4G Being Rooted

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11 days before the EVO 4G launches exclusively on Sprint, and hackers have already successfully rooted the phone. Video showing their finesse after the jump.


Before you start rioting over how Grack got an EVO two weeks before the big launch, I best break the bad news to you—Google was dishing them out (for free) at the Google I/O event last week. Curses! [Grack via MobileCrunch]


Dammit!!! So If I went to Google I/O conference, I might've got that phone?! Dammmmmmit!

Anyhow, lemme ask a question that may have been asked before: What does rooting actually do to your phone? Gives you access to some things that were hidden? When flashed a custom ROM onto my Hero, the process took me past rooting, but didn't really know why...