Video Shows a Dude in a Wingsuit Getting Caught on an Airplane

These daredevil dudes are total pros, so they aren’t fazed at all when one of their guys gets his wingsuit caught on the wheel of an airplane. But holy shit, can you imagine yourself in that holy horror show? You just jumped out of a damn airplane and instead of plummeting to the ground (the ideal situation here), you end up dangling upside down on a flying airplane at the mercy of a violent wind.

Miles Daisher is the guy in the wingsuit in the video. He hooked a bootie of his wingsuit onto a step on the plane and found himself totally screwed. Or well, he would have been screwed if he didn’t smarten up and balance his body to prevent himself from spinning around in circles. The guys in the plane managed to cut him loose, and he went on his merry way back to Earth with a helluva story to tell.

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