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Video shows what it looks like when vultures attack a carcass in nature

Here’s a really unique view of what it would be like to be a dead animal in the life cycle of nature. National Geographic dropped off a wildebeest carcass in the Serengeti in Africa and recorded exactly what it looks like to see bugs swarm and vultures fight each other to eat what’s leftover of the carcass.


The POV footage is entirely gross but also fascinating and ruthless. The vultures come gunning.


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You know I always wondered what that looked like.

Back when I was getting the super secret lair of vile evilness going, I had an overenthusiastic British “customs inspector” always showing with some beautiful sidekick and hampering my dastardly plans. Well after I ensured his martini was spiked more then shaken, I had my sub-contractors tussle him up and we had a few choice words. I followed the villain guidebook and let him in the Savanna, unattended. I like to imagine this was the last thing he saw.