Video: The beautiful craftsmanship of making a shotgun

Guns are dangerous but making a beautifully ornate gun is basically like unbelievably detailed artwork crossed with masterful machinery work. I love this video showing the steps it takes for a Holland & Holland shotgun to be made because it’s so cool to see all the different methods blend together.


The metal of the barrel, the wood of the handle, the art in the detail—it’s like a shotgun merges old world and new school technology in one.

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“Guns are dangerous” - get a grasp of what you’re saying.

So a metal tube is dangerous?

The cartridge is dangerous. The metal tube is nothing.

On that note, your car is dangerous. You endanger the lives of millions of people in your lifetime simply because you are too lazy to ride your bike. Why don’t you start your car related sentences off with that? Is it because you are familiar with your car, such that you understand the safe operation of it and don’t really consider it to be all that dangerous in your own hands? Perhaps you should make yourself more aware of the safe operation of a firearm so that you don’t have to start your articles with something so profoundly stupid?