Video: Toyota's Winglet Advanced Scooter In Action

Toyota's Segway-competing Winglet may look agile and nimble in photos, but how does it perform in motion? Quite well, actually. A lady with capri pants can ride the M version around with relative ease, using her weight to direct the Winglet around in a figure 8 so other Japanese men can take photos of her from every angle. The only thing left to see is the price. Will this be affordable enough so we can all don our short pants and ride outside in style? [Japan Times]


Platypus Man

It's like the Eee-Segway. Smaller, less powerful, and I'm sure it'll cost less, and that's the only reason people would buy them.

@Keebler: And yeah, you could. The people walking next to them had to walk slower just so the Winglet could keep up.

@Joseph: Agreed, though I'll just use the switches that Garrison put in there but felt no need to tell anyone about.