Video: Boeing 767 pilot avoids crash with Airbus A340 crossing runway

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A Boeing 767-300 had to abort its landing at Barcelona airport when an Airbus A340 suddenly crossed the runway as it was a few feet from touch down. It would have been a disaster comparable to the accident at Los Rodeos, in Tenerife, when two 747s collided on the runway killing 583 people.

This happened yesterday early morning in El Prat, Barcelona, Spain. The Boeing was a UTair flight coming from Moscow. The Airbus on Runway 02 was an AerolĂ­neas Argentinas flight going to Buenos Aires. The Russian pilots had to abort as they were on their final approach about to touch down, putting pedal to the metal to execute a flawless and impressive go-around.


The airport's administrators say that the two airplanes were exactly where they were supposed to be, claiming there was enough distance between them. However, their explanation seems bogus. The UTair pilots wouldn't have executed an emergency maneuver like this just for the sake of it.

Fortunately, nothing happened and the Airbus departed to Buenos Aires shortly after the incident.

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I experienced a "go around" or "missed landing" several months ago, in Honolulu. It scared the shite out of me. The front gear of the plane actually touched down if I recall correctly, and immediately the plane nose goes up as the plane thrusts full power! I thought that we were crashing, the plane was silent for 4 minutes. The pilot then announced that he had to abort the landing at the last minute due to unexpected windshear. It was a very scary experience.