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Video: Watch One Year Pass in Forty Seconds

Illustration for article titled Video: Watch One Year Pass in Forty Seconds

As if our lives don't pass by fast enough, photographer Eirik Solheim managed to encapsulate the passage of an entire year into a 40 second HD clip using photos complied from his Canon 400D.


Solheim snapped images out his window at regular intervals all through 2008 and recorded background sounds using a Canon S2 IS and a Canon HF10 camcorder. In the end he produced two clips—a 40 second and a two minute version illustrating the passage of time on a fixed landscape. As you can see, the results are breathtaking—especially when you click through the videos and watch them in HD quality.

The best part is that Soleheim provides detailed instructions on how he created the videos from start to finish. He even provides access to the images and files so you can create something unique of your own using his footage. [Erikso via Neatorama]

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