Vintage ad promising a free U2 tape with every Walkman is fake

Apple recently gave iTunes users something they didn't want for free: a new U2 album. Reactions have ranged from "who the hell is U2?" to "who the hell is U2 and why is this on my phone?" The move has also spawned countless jokes, including the photoshop'd image above. Yes, despite looking plausible enough, it's yet another fake.

Twitter user JamieDMJ posted this vintage ad for Walkmans (Walkmen?) that promised a free U2 cassette with every purchase. "Exactly how long have U2 been forcing their music on us for?!" reads the tweet.


It's a funny chucklegoof. But it's a fake. The image has clearly been photoshopped from the original 1986 catalogue ad below, found at Retro Mash.

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