VinylLove for iPad Re-Creates That Warm Vinyl Record Sound for Your MP3s

Illustration for article titled VinylLove for iPad Re-Creates That Warm Vinyl Record Sound for Your MP3s

I'm sad that I never really got into vinyls because every time I hear a record play, I wish my silly iPod could capture that same texture and warmth. VinylLove for iPad tries to re-create that warm vinyl sound to great success.


VinylLove for iPad is a music app that beautifully mimics a record player—you can thumb through alphabetized crates of records (the songs on your library) and move the needle (to fast forward)—and doesn't embarrass itself! In fact, it makes your music better. The very slight crackle and pops that are digitally added to your music turns all the songs on your iPad into more textured pieces, as if there's a history to that mp3. Of course it's a little bit gimmicky but they don't overuse the effect.

It's still just a music player but it's quickly become my favorite way to play music on the iPad. Which actually makes me sad because I specifically bought the 16GB iPad because I thought I'd never listen to music on that hulking thing. 5 bucks is sorta expensive-ish for a music player that doesn't stream music (I wish!) or play in the background (double wish!), but it's great looking and fun to listen to. [iTunes]


It's not "warm". It's harmonic distortion, low bandwidth and noise! I think everyone who espouses the whole vinyl/vacuum tube thing is participating in a very elaborate practical joke. You can easily pay $100,000 for a vacuum tube amplifier today, and $150,000 for a turntable. How is that not a joke?