Virtual Sightseeing

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Those creepy, potentially-diseased heavy metal binoculars that you find at tourist spots might be going the way of the Do Do. The Virtual Sightseeing system uses a similar concept but can overlay graphics and text on any scene. Who wouldn't want to see the colonists giving the Indians smallpox in Colonial Williamsburg! Why not relive the wondrous evenings of the London Blitz while looking out over the Smoke!

The system contains an LCD touchscreen, an uninterruptible power supply, and a mini CPU. The camera actually includes a motorized zoom and is currently used at Pinhel Castle in Portugal.

The system is completely weatherproof and works with most currencies. You drop in a Euro or quarter and you get to view the terrain for a few minutes. There's even a group viewing feature so you and the rest of the folks from your Everquest clan don't all have crowd around one pair of binoculars. Not for sale to the public, but if you own a tourist trap, drop them a line.


Product Page [YDreams]