According to Sophos computer security, there will be one million distinct viruses and malware by the end of 2008. But 25% of that malware has been produced just in the last six months. Luckily, not all the stats published by PC World are that troubling...but it's not all roses and daffodils either.

• Security companies log 25,000 malware samples per day
• 85 to 90 percent of malware families are immediately fixed
• In 1995, 1 in 40 emails had malware attached. Now it's 1 in 1,000.
• Current trends point to more malware attacking your kernel.


But it's nothing that a plate of fresh baked cookies and an ice cold glass of milk couldn't make all better, right buddy? So how is school going? Did you ask that cute girl to the dance yet?

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