Vista Install Problems? Shred The Disc


By now, you've heard that moving to Windows Vista isn't as easy as it should be. So how does Anthony of the "Opie & Anthony Show" (aka "Norton and Friends") react after failing to install Microsoft's latest OS? Oh, he installs it, all right... installs it on a paper shredder. Anyone else take any drastic measures after butting heads with Vista?

Opie & Anthony



Why do people get upset at Microsoft when they gave vendors plenty of time and warning (especially this round) to get their drivers ready for the new OS. If they can't keep up support for their hardware it's not Microsoft's fault. There are plenty of other things that are. ;)

I have even worse problem with accessories and PCI cards for my Mac. They are supported by the vendor for a year or two, then they stop making or even fixing broken drivers, so I have to replace (overpriced) equipment on a regular basis. I'm fairly certain that part of the reason is the high secrecy levels, short life-cycles, and generally haphazard developer support from Apple, but oddly in that camp no one is willing to give Apple some blame.