Vitamin C Undies PLUS Anti-Odor Duds

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

In a tremendous surge of stupidity this Friday afternoon, we've got the lowdown on wearable fabrics. We'll start with a new anti-odour fabric, made with silver nano-particles no less. I don't know who really believes that any type of nanotechnology is going to stop their stink, but I guess if they make it, you will come. You always do. These anti-odor properties promise to be "permanently integrated into the fibre" so they won't wash out, and will even feel the same as normal fibres. Think they can make something like this for bad breath too?
On the other side of the fence, we get even more ridiculous with Viva's lingerie infused with Vitamin C and "other essential oils." Now, at least the above "anti-odour" fabric seems to be geared towards athletes and people who sweat while doing something. This whole underwear thing leaves me feeling, well, not so fresh. Called "Serenity Fabric" (ca-reepy), it seems Viva is using a water-based extract from the Barbados Cherry and combining it with citrus-scented oils, then "affixing" this to the "stretch nylon-poly material." So, as the day goes on, a scent is released from the underwear and "your skin is absorbing extra emollients it needs to help hydrate and protect it." Now, that just doesn't sound hygienic to me. However, it does look like the Barbados Cherry picking industry is keeping whole third world countries afloat, so I guess it's ok.

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