Illustration for article titled Vizio Co-Star: Will This Cheap, Gamer-Friendly Box Make Google TV Suck Less?

So far nobody has gotten Google TV right. Sony's NSZ-GS7 is only the latest media streamer to fail. Vizio's been showing us some promising gear over the last year—can its new Co-Star save Google TV from mediocrity? Well, at least it's cheaper.


The Vizio Co-Star connects directly to your cable or satellite box via HDMI, and brings you the Google TV apps you'd expect: Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, etc., as well as fullscreen web browsing. Google TV's had support for on-demand gaming from OnLive since January, but the Co-Star is the first streamer to come with the service built-in. As you'd expect from any competitive streaming box, the Co-Star supports up to 1080p HD video. Oh! And it's controlled by a snazzy, Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard with a multitouch pad.


But in the end what sets this streamer apart might be price: At $100 it's half the price of the Sony NSZ-GS7. If Google TV is going to suck it might as well suck for cheaper, but we'll reserve judgement till we've got the box in our hands. The Co-Star will pre-order next month for $100. [Vizio]

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