Vizio Now Sells Lightbulbs. Yeah.

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I like Vizio. They're an honest company that makes good products and sells them for cheap. But they sell TVs, and now phones and tablets as well. Makes sense. Selling lightbulbs doesn't make sense. Why are you selling lightbulbs, Vizio?

The lightbulb doesn't really jibe with the "consumer electronics company" thing. Lightbulbs do use electricity, yes, and are built from glass and metal, but so are windows, and Vizio doesn't sell windows. At least not yet. Perhaps they'll soon start selling windows, along with socks, spoons, and artificial lawn turf. Anything is possible now. We're living in the post-lightbulb era. Step your game up Samsung? Where is your woolen sweater division? Or a lineup of bed linens? Only six months until CES, guys. Get your lightbulb game up.

If you're actually interested in purchasing a Vizio lightbulb, they're of the LED variety, and come in four shapes. Look for them later this year. But you won't have to look hard! They're bright LED bulbs!


I need to sit down and think about some things. [via Engadget]