Vizio's Beautiful New 4K TVs Are Cheaper Than Ever

Illustration for article titled Vizio's Beautiful New 4K TVs Are Cheaper Than Ever

Vizio can’t stop making its cheap 4K TVs even cheaper. The company just announced this year’s M-Series Ultra HD Smart TV Collection. They start at $600 for the 43-inch screen, and boy do they look beautiful.


Of course, cheaper 4K options do exist. You can buy a 39-inch Ultra HD Seiki TV from Walmart for just $340 right this very second, which is probably another example of Seiki breaking its own record for the cheapest 4K television. Nevertheless, Vizio’s proven track record for making terrific TVs for terrific prices suggest that this latest line of ultra-cheap Ultra HD screens will bring us one more glorious step closer to affordably filling your home with more resolution than you could ever ask for.

Don’t fall for the 4K specs before checking out the actual picture, though. As we’ve said before, more pixels don’t necessarily yield a better picture, because not all pixels are created equal. With this new line, Vizio is pushing its contrast enhancing techniques with up to 32 “Active LED Zones” that promise blacker blacks and more vibrant colors. Then again, an enhanced picture does not equal a more accurate picture. Regardless, you’re not going to notice any real improvements in image quality on smaller screens, so you might as well just go with a good 1080p TV if you’re not getting a big TV.

All that said, we’ll be looking at Vizio’s new M-Series pretty soon and will report back with details on the quality of the TVs. But for now, that price looks quite alright.




I keep reading that 4K doesn’t make any real difference with screens that small. Then again there are always the people that say they can ALWAYS tell the difference.