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Let's start our Friday with something sure to put a smile on many of our faces: a voice-activated R2-D2! Yes, now you can own a piece of Sci-Fi movie history in R2-D2, a 15-inch tall robot that obeys simple commands like "turn around" and "move forward." The little guy responds to 40 commands in all and can even be scolded just like in the film (I think) with "R2, behave yourself."

The robot has a sensor that helps it detect objects so as to prevent it from smashing into your expensive, non-Ikea furniture. The best part may be that it can be set up as sentry, guarding a room from trespassers. Should one appear, its alarm will sound.


The voice-activated R2-D2 is available now for $120. Let's see, an R2-D2 that obeys my commands and swivels like the real thing? Oh, yeah, I'm down for that.

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