Voice Dial iPhone App Gets App Store'd

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The previously good Voice Dial jailbreak app for iPhone has made its way onto the App Store, complete with $25 price tag. Voice Dial isn't to be confused with iSpeak, another voice dialing app that will probably hit the App Store sometime.

There's another current SpeechCloud voice dialing app on the App Store, and even though it may be free, it's got an average rating of 2.5 stars and reviews saying that it's pretty lousy. We'd make like a petting zoo and pony up the $25 for a good voice dialing app if we really needed one. Oh, and don't pay attention to the lousy 1 star reviews on the site, all these idiots are reviewing the app based on its $25 price tag and not how well it's functioning. [VoiceDial]

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God, i fuggin hate that. My BlackJack also lacked voice dialing, and you had to pay 30 bucks or so to get such a program.

This is crap. Voice dialing is a free feature on basic phones. Why the bloody *hell* do we have to pay extra for this? How was this not originally included w/ the iPhone, or at least developed for *free*?

Seriously, i don't mind paying a bit for extras, but this is one of those things that should be standard.

Imagine paying 30 bucks extra to get voicemail. Or, you know, a contacts list. Argh, this is such crap.