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Venezuelan designer Carlos Agell looks ahead to 2054, designing a completely transmogrified VW Beetle with a shape-shifting liquid metal body. It's hard to tell exactly how this works, but it looks like a big wheel with doors shaped like a VW logo. The designer/futurist specified a laser gyrostabilization system to keep the thing upright and to avoid accidents.

Perhaps by 2054 humans won't even need to physically travel from one place to another, but if they do, this looks like a worthy conveyance. By then, dangerous activities such as driving will probably be all done by computers that are thousands of times smarter than us, anyway. After all, doesn't Ray Kurzweil tell us the Singularity is due by 2045? This coolness may be nearly a decade late.


50 More Years: Volkswagen Beetle 2054 [Jalopnik]