Von Zipper Snow Muffs Headphones: One Less Thing To Worry About

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Say you're Brian Lam, out there on the slopes of Tahoe, snowboarding as your iPhone drops the biggest beats since the Propellerheads' dropped Decksanddrumsandrockandroll. It sounds grand, but there's a logistical problem: You have goggles, plus the earmuffs your mom knitted for you, plus your (definitely not white) earbuds, all connected to your head using different straps, levers and pulleys. Von Zipper combines them all into one easy system: the $20 Snow Muffs/H-Phones will attach to most ski goggles—but particularly those that Von Zipper by coincidence also sells, for $60 to $160. [Product Page via Book of Joe]


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These things are very cool, if not a little girly-looking.

While we're on the subject of headphones, anyone have recommendations for some really durable behind-the-neck style models? I've been using these:


Which are very cheap, have an elastic strain relief and a fiber-wrapped cord, not this exposed wimpy plastic BS, and while they do tend to last a few months, but lack the bass response of my sennheisers, (PMX-100) which promptly broke 4 days after purchasing them.