Vonage Announces V-Phone USB

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Taking a page from Skype's book, Vonage announced the V-Phone: a USB stick that holds Vonage software allowing users to make Vonage calls from any broadband PC. This is pretty interesting news for Vonage users, since it lets people take their calls on the road pretty much anywhere.


Imagine having your home Vonage phone with you when you travel to Germany for the World Cup—your wife can reach you at any time. Well, that's probably a bad example, but you get the idea.

Jeffrey Citron defends Vonage, announces new V-Phone USB device [Tech Effect]

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What you get

256mb Thumb Drive w/ USB sound device

Headset that comes in a spiffy white color


The software autoruns on a CDFS partition on the drive (just like the U3 launcher). It's pretty simple and works as well as the Vonage service does.

The spiffy looking headset has a horrible mic, so your first purchase after the thumb drive will be a new headset. If you decide to cancel the service there is no simple way to remove the CDFS partition (U3's utility does not work), which means the Vonage launchpad will continue to load well after you have dropped the service.

3 days ago, when I went to cancel my service, I went through 20 minutes of "please wait" after the 10 minutes of "initial wait" and my clear and concise statement of "I want to cancel my service and yes I am sure."

I recommend you research Vonage before you switching to them as your VoIP solution.