Vonage goes wireless

Getting the scoop once again, Om Malik reveals that Vonage has some new software that would let you use their broadband Voice over IP telephone service on a laptop or a Pocket PC, meaning you could make and receive calls from any WiFi hotspot. Now these sorts of "softphone" applications have been around for years now, but the advantage of Vonage is how well it works with the regular phone network — you can call anyone and anyone can call you. The best part is that if you're overseas and have access to WiFi you can make and receive calls with your Vonage line just as if you were in the States. Though one feature we'd like to see is the ability to share one number between your Vonage "landline" and your Vonage SoftPhone.
Read - GigaOm
Vonage.com - SoftPhone Beta [Thanks, Bill]

PS - There's a review of Vonage in the Circuits section of today's of the New York Times.


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