Vonage Ordered to Pay Verizon $120 Million

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A recent lawsuit involving Verizon and Vonage has been settled, and Vonage has been ordered to pay Verizon $120 million due to patent infringements. The fine imposed on Vonage means they are edging closer to bankruptcy, with debts mounting to the sum of some $250 million prior to the court's decision, it looks like Vonage may have a tough time remaining in business.


With staff cuts already taking place to remain above board, this may be one cut too many for the firm to deal with. Having said that, as ever, anything could happen. We shall keep you posted on any developments. [Bloomberg via Gadgetell]


I assume since Verizon won the lawsuit that their case against Vonage was solid? Then again, there have been a number of technology cases where someone won based on a patent that should never have been approved to begin with. I wonder if this is one of those cases?