VP of MeeGo, Nokia's Upcoming OS, Is Next to Leave

Blood won't stop gushing out of the Nokia wound. Ari Jaaksi, who was the Vice President of MeeGo devices, has reportedly left Nokia. It's not known whether he jumped or was pushed, but his departure follows Chairman Jorma Ollila, Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki and CEO and President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who've all left/are leaving the company.


MeeGo is the offspring of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin platforms, and while we've seen a few demos of what to expect, we're yet to actually hear of when we can expect smartphones and tablets running it. [Economic Times]

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if meego is anything like Maemo 5 on my N900 then I m getting a nokia after this one. I am a guy who likes functional operating systems but I have a thing for minimalism as well - I just can't stand the Android flavours, not even the original seems appealing in any way.

As long as they keep it a mobile computer (for a flagship device) , ie able to operate like a PC on the go, I m game.

I say "PC on the go" very strictly, in a similar sense to that of the N900 which is in fact a computer, not a phone in terms of its OS mentality.